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Recife Riviera Baby Press Fountain Pens
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Recife Pens Item #: REC101017 -

The "Baby Press" 4.76" fountain pens from Recife, France, are simple and modern, yet they have a particularly weighty, balanced feel as a result of the solid brass interior. Closed, the pen is compact and portable. When you are ready to write you attach the cover to the back of the pen for a perfectly weighted writing instrument. The tip is steel. The flow is medium. A black cartridge is included. Comes in a beautiful white gift box. Standard ink cartridge...

Recife Traveller Hybrid Pens
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Recife Pens Item #: REC101001 -

The Traveller pen has the same fine quality brass interior and ceramic tip as the Recife Riviera roller ball. However, inside you will find that the ink source is a fountain pen cartridge. This allows for both the steady ink flow of the rollerball and the expressive qualities of translucent fountain pen ink. Cartridges are a standard size and can be replaced with different colors as needed. Comes in a beautiful white gift box. Guaranteed by Recife. ...