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Memos and Small Card Sets

Color Vellum Memo Blocks
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: OCM008 -

These note-cubes are made from 120g, "Color Vellum" papers. The cubes are gummed on one side for efficient storage and are designed to allow removal of one sheet without breaking the "block". The cubes coordinate with all of the many Color Vellum products. In two sizes: 2"x2" (312p) and 3.1"x3.1"(480p). Made in Belgium. Imported by OrangeArt.

Color Vellum Keyboard Note Pad
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: OCMKeyboard -

A horizontal, 16.5" x 3.5" top-gummed note pad with 40,120g sheets of beautiful, Original Crown Mill Color Vellum paper. The pad is gummed at the top and the edges of the pad have been "rounded" to prevent curling.

Quattro Mini Pads
Availability: In Stock
Handbook Journals Item #: GL35509 -

Small (2.5x3.5") but mighty Quattro blank pads are thoughtfully designed for the traveler. Each pad contains 60, micro-perfed sheets of white acid-free "vellum" drawing paper. The rounded corners and scored cover (ready for folding to the back neatly) make these pads unique among other small pads on the market. The perfect companion to the Wörther Baden-Baden "Shorty" clutch pencil!

Brookfield Square Notes Brookfield, Letterpress, Square Notes
Availability: In Stock
Brookfield Letterpress Stationery Item #: BRN -

Our little hand-wrapped, re-usable letterpress paper box is packed with white,vellum-finish 3.25" square notes. Each note is printed, letterpress, with a coordinating "icon" printed letterpress. They are at home on your desk, on your night-stand, in your kitchen. Makes a great place card when folded too! Made in New England. We will be discontinuing our Brookfield line over the next year. Please order now!

Clipper Refillable Pads
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BW4_Clipper -

Flexible but tough cellulose paper covered pads with 25, removable sheets of lovely cream paper bound with stainless steel "Bindewerk" metal clips! In 3 sizes from a 4x6" memo, to a 6x8" and 8.25x11.5" pad for writing or sketching. Refill packages of 25 sheets are available in all three sizes. Made in Germany and imported by OrangeArt.

Clipper Refills
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BW40_REF -

A package of 25 fine cream writing/sketch blank sheets for your refillable Clipper pads. In A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

Scribbles Sketch Note Pads
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BWPD -

These sturdy, black note pads are available square 5.1" or 3.5x5.5" . An integral elastic closure in black or in a contrasting color, keeps the books securely closed while traveling. Filled with 48 sheets of high quality, white sketch paper. The square book includes an elastic on the spine for a pencil or pen. Made in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

"Bi-Color" Small Card 5/5 Packages
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Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: OCMBiSmall5 -

The simple cello package contains 5, Original Crown Mill "classic" laid surface, bordered, 2.5"x3.75" , flat cards and envelope (unlined) sets. A unique business card design, gift or place card. Suitable for writing or printing, including digital printing.

Refill-Brookfield Letterpress Square Notes
Availability: In Stock
Brookfield Letterpress Stationery Item #: BRNREF -

Be "green". Order replacement 3.25" square sheets in the pattern of your choice. Shrink-wrapped. Please note that R-BRN14 Friends is a multi-design pack.

"Bi-Color" Small Card Box Original Crown Mill, Bi-Color, OCM, Note Cards, Cards, border
Availability: In Stock
Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: OCM-BIBUSCD -

The 25, crisp, "laid" finish 2.5" x 3.75" flat cards have a handsome contrasting border in a large selection of colors. They are boxed in a silver foil-stamped box with matching, unlined envelopes. An extraordinary business or calling card! Suitable for all printers, including ink jet. Combine with a note card and letter set for an impressive gift. Made in Belgium and imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Arpa Small Card Set Apra, handmade, sealing wax
Availability: In Stock
Arpa Handmade Stationery Item #: ARPSET04 -

These small, 2.25" x 3.5" handmade sheets and 2.75"x3.75" envelopes are created by the artisan paper-makers of Arpa. They are beautifully made: consistent in weight and color with a natural deckle finish. The six cards and envelopes are tied with string and wax seal. A beautiful set of gift enclosures or perhaps a wedding table favor. Made in Spain. Imported by OrangeArt.

Classic Laid Mini Gift Card Sets
Availability: In Stock
Original Crown Mill Stationery Item #: OCM608CLASSIC -

This small (2" x 3" approx), flat, gift card and envelope is a tiny bit of elegance. The paper is the venerable Classic Laid from Original Crown Mill, Belgium. It matches all of the other Classic Laid stationery which opens up the possibility for table cards, etc., matching an invitation suite. There are 10 sets per package. Imported by OrangeArt.