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Worther 4.25"/5.6mm Profil Pencils
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Item #: WORPCL67 -

This is a remarkable writing instrument. The 4.25" striated, aluminum clutch pencil holds an extra thick, 5.6mm lead. The lead retracts by engaging the top button. Expressive and impressive! A natural aluminum sharpener and "holder" is also available. Boxed in a foil- stamped black box. Made in Germany.

Worther Shorty Color Clutch Pencil
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Item #: WORPCL -

This 4.25" long clutch pencil with a hexagonal barrel, is engineered to for a solid grip. Inside is a thick 3.15mm/7B lead that retracts with a click of the clip. A tube of two extra leads are included in the package. A joy to use and a creative and unusual gift. Made in Germany by Wörther Baden-Baden-a family enterprise.

Wörther Wood Rounded Clutch Pencil
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Item #: WORPCL36 -

A solid wood pencil in a rounded shape that is a pleasure to hold. Inside the 4.25" long clutch pencil is a thick, 3.15mm/7B lead. Boxed in a beautiful black and silver foil box. Made in Germany and imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Wörther Wood Hexagonal Clutch Pencil
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Item #: WORPCL35 -

A solid wood pencil in the "classic" hexagonal shape of the other Wörther Baden-Baden "Shorty" clutch pencils (4.25" long) Inside is a thick, 3.15mm/7B leads. Boxed in a beautiful black and silver foil box. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

3.15/7B graphite refills (4ptube)
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Item #: WORRE315-0304GRAPH -

A tube of graphite leads to refill all "Shorty", 3000, and Solid Wood clutch pencils. 4 leads per tube.

Wörther Profil 5.6mm/4B graphite refill
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Item #: WORRE56-0301GRAPH -

A single, extra thick, 5.6mm/4B graphite lead for the 4.25" Wörther Profil Aluminum clutch pencil

Wörther Profil 5" Pencil, Rollerball & Fountain Pen
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Item #: WOR5 -

These writing instruments are approximately 1/2" longer and considerably slimmer than the the extra-thick 5.6mm lead Wörther Profil clutch pencils. This Wörther Profil line consists of an aluminum mechanical pencil with an integral eraser and a .5HB lead, a rollerball pen (blue ink "Parker" system) or a fountain pen with an iridium "M" nib in your choice of a natural aluminum, black or grey striated aluminum barrel. The rollerball pen and the fountain pen have a matching cap which clicks...