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In 1983, we opened our wholesale company in bucolic Woodstock, CT in the center of New England. Lots of fine paper and art materials filled our red barns while our children were born and grew up. Many wonderful employees joined us and helped us develop a reputation for exceptional customer service. It was a full life at home and at work and we are grateful that day after day, somehow, it all worked out.

We sold our large, fine art division in 2010, allowing us to focus on the exclusive OrangeArt collection of European and OrangeArt social papers, journals, gifts and desk accessories.

What we know: keep product standards high and logistics human

Our European partners are also family enterprises. Their good reputation is a personal achievement. They contribute to the economic health and cultural legacy of their communities. We honor their hard work and appreciate their commitment to fine craftsmanship above all else. It is what our customers recognize when they see these beautiful products for the first time.

We have practiced Customer Service for decades. We ship, fast, and communicate often. We make a business transaction easy for you whether online, on the phone or in person. Most importantly, we want your purchase to be a successful investment for your store and a pleasure for your customer.