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Canson Photo Corners
Availability: In Stock
Item #: C541-2 -

From Canson, France: 252, large, self-adhesive, archival corners in multiple colors and clear. Also, 2-sided, adhesive squares to attach the photo directly to the page.

Modern Blotter Ecru Refills
Availability: In Stock

2 sheets of ecru cotton blotter paper for the Modern Blotter.

SaySo Thank You Cards
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Item #: OASS-TY -

Not too witty or sappy, cards that express what we actually mean! We said "thank you" with style: beautiful typography printed letterpress in sepia on a deckled cream card. Finish the thanks message we have begun. Just"SaySo".

SaySo Celebration Cards
Availability: In Stock
Item #: OASS-SO -

For special times: births, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations .. We created the "SaySo" card to express sentiments as you would speak. Beautiful typography letterpress printed in light sepia on a flat deckle edged card. Made by OrangeArt.

SaySo Friendship Cards
Availability: In Stock
Item #: OASS-FR -

"I Thought of You Today" and other cards in this series are the words we feel about our friends but sometimes forget to express. It is important to "SaySo". Printed letterpress in light sepia on flat, deckle edged cards. Made by OrangeArt.

Woodless Pencils Woodless Pencil
Availability: In Stock

Everyone loves this pencil. A solid graphite pencil, with a clear finish to prevent smudging fingers. It keeps its edge and yet is soft enough to "shade". A doodlers dream come true. Made in Czech Republic from Hardsmuth graphite , famous for it's artist-level quality. 36 per box. Custom made for OrangeArt.

KUM Magnesium Sharpener
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Item #: KUM1040721 -

These bright and light magnesium, 2 hole sharpeners are made by KUM, Germany. They are not your average sharpener. They are engineered for a clean shave and the blades can be sharpened or replaced! The magnesium sharpeners come in a box of 24 in assorted colors: lime, sky and purple.

KUM Wood Sharpener
Availability: In Stock
Item #: KUM1070201 -

Simply all you need. The natural wood sharpener has two holes and blades. The blades can be sharpened or replaced! Engineered in Germany by KUM. Imported by OrangeArt.

Wooden Desktop Cube
Availability: In Stock

This solid, 3" beech wood cube designed to organize pens, pencils, etc. in artful way. The container, which has grey felt at the bottom, inside, (to protect your writing implements) rests on your desk at an angle towards you. There is no longer a need to take everything out of your "mystery" container to find something. Everything is visible!

Triangular Wooden Rulers
Availability: In Stock
Item #: OARULER -

This 6" lightweight wooden triangle, printed on either angle with inches and centimeters, is all you really need on your desk. Easily stored with pens and pencils but small enough to stay flat on your desk. This useful little tool allows you to visually translate inches to centimeters, immediately. Maple with black or black with white.

Ecru Desk Notes
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Item #: OALDECRU -

We printed subtle, light orange lines on 150, 4" x 5.75" recycled, ecru notes. They are stored in a simple linen and kraft box, notched for quick access. Made by OrangeArt in New England. Our ecru Desk Notes are an important accessory to our Modern Blotter!

Ecru Desk Notes Refill
Availability: In Stock

We printed subtle, light orange lines and a "bracket" to set your agenda on 150, 4" x 5.75" recycled, ecru notes. This stack of 150 will keep your box full for your next inspiration. Made by OrangeArt in New England.