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Stifflex Artwork Sketch Books

item #: ARTBK

Color Splash Nature Splash Cloud Splash Havana
Venice Leonardo Van Gogh Picasso
Composition 1 Capalbio Haring City


The artWORK book is perfect for drafting sketches and designs in the studio or outside in the open. This notebook for sketches is made from high-quality paper that supports a wide range of artists’ tools and offers an optimal resistance to erasers. Every artWORK book completely opens 180 degrees and transforms itself into an archive of your works of art and has the following characteristics:

- 128 blank pages “SKETCH” in 160g paper, 32 dotted pages “DESIGN” in 120g paper, and 32 pages of semi-transparent pages “SHARED IDEAS” in 95g tracing paper that is perforated and detachable.

Developed for professionals and for anyone with a passion for art, artWORK book leaves space to observations and to the imagination to create sketches and designs from your world.