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Tixx Fountain, Ballpoint, Needlepoint Pens
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPLT -

The Tixx disposable pens are economical and have a long writing life. The fountain pen is a wonder: a fine writing instrument without a messy cartridge to change. The hybrid gel/ink ballpoint flows smoothly and the needlepoint creates a very fine, opaque line. 12 pens per box. A "carded" version is coming soon!

Carnaby Street Ballpoint Pens
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPLC -

Carnaby Street is a brightly colored, retractable, aluminum ballpoint with a soft grip. Each carded pen package contains a blue and a black cartridge. Refillable.

Tixx Hybrid Color Gel POP
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPL50465 -

An assortment of 50 Platignum hybrid colored gel/ink ballpoint pens in a paper POP. Smooth, smudge-free colors and a soft grip for a comfortable writing experience.

Platignum Fountain Pen Refills fountain,pen,ink,refill
Availability: In Stock

Platignum extra-large cartridges are available 6 per hanging blister card in either black or blue ink. The cartridges will fit the Vibe and Studio fountain pens.

Platignum Studio Ballpoint Pen Refill
Availability: In Stock

A single blue or black ballpoint ink refill for the Platignum Studio pen.

Studio Fountain and Ballpoint Pens
Availability: In Stock

The Studio ballpoint and fountain pens are fun and functional. These colorful aluminum pens are designed ergonomically for a comfortable, stable writing experience. The ballpoint version opens with a twist which is practical for storage and travel. The fountain pen has a "click on" cap and a soft touch grip. Each pen is packaged in an attractive gift box with a blue and black refill.

Vibe Fountain Pens
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPLVIBE -

The Vibe fountain pen, in a modern matte white or black finish on metal(brass), is surprisingly light and balanced in the hand. The barrel and "click on" cap are slimmer than a typical fountain pen. Each Vibe pen is packaged in a handsome gift box with a blue and black refill.

No. 9 Ballpoint Pen ballpoint, Platignum,corporate,graduation,gift
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPLNO9 -

A quartet of handsome metal ballpoints featuring a soft grip on the barrel and a metal clip. The pens are packaged in a Platignum sliding gift box with a blue and black ballpoint cartridge. Refills are available.

Platignum No. 9/Carnaby Ball Point Pen Refill
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SNPLNO9REF -

These No. 9 ballpoint refills are packaged 3 per hang blister card in your choice of blue or black.

Tixx Hybrid Gel Pens Open Stock
Availability: In Stock

Disposable, retractable pens in blue, black and vivid colors. This Tixx pen contains a hybrid ink that is a combination of oil based ballpoint and gel. The result is a fast drying, smudge free ink with a two year shelf life. One box contains 12, pens of one color. A 50 pen, pop-up assortment of the vivid colors is also available.