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Pepin Art Bags

item #: PEPABAG
Josef Hoffman Modernism 1 Theo van Doesburg

This 16.5 x 12.5" PEPIN Art Bags are very well-made, fashionable tote bags designed to show adaptations of works of art and iconic patterns representative of specific periods in the history of art, design and fashion. The bags can be worn in two stylish ways by opening or closing the stud buttons at the sides, giving the bag a different shape. The length of the handle is ideal for the bag to be carried either on the shoulder or by hand, and the main magnetic snap allows it to be opened and closed. Inside is a high-quality zippered pocket that easily fits small items, such as a wallet, keys and telephone. The bags are made of smooth and strong canvas material – coated inside to make them water-resistant and easy to clean – with a sturdy woven handle. Printing and workmanship are of a very high standard; our bags are made to withstand the passage of time and to be enjoyed for a long time. The unique designs are further enhanced with an elegant metal PEPIN rabbit.