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Basic Wood Metal Edge Notebooks A5
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Item #: BWPWD13W98 -

Wow. An A5 (5.75"x8.25"), hand-bound "real" wood cover book made in Germany by Bindewerk, now available with a metal edge! The notebook features rounded edges, a black receipt envelope integrated into the inside cover and 144 pages of cream, lightly dotted sheets bound to allow the book to open flat.

Purist Wood Notebooks
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Item #: BWPW -

Everyone who has seen these notebooks/journals, picks one up and runs their hand down the cover to see if it is "real"! It is. The book is bound with black linen on the spine and cherry or walnut veneer on the cover, grain long. It is filled with rich, cream paper, lightly lined or blank. A round elastic is "nooked" into the cover, keeping the book closed. There is a paper storage envelope attached to the back cover. This notebook is one to treasure or give as a beautiful gift.

Linen Flex-Cover Notebooks
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Item #: BWLF -

These beautiful, hand-bound books have been designed with flexible, linen covers and rounded corners for those who write on the go- allowing for quick storage while traveling without concern for bent corners and broken binding. They are hand-bound to open flat for comfortable writing, and are filled 192 pages (96 sheets) of fine cream paper from Italy in your choice of blank, lined or lightly dotted pages. An excellent choice as a bullet journal. Made in Germany.

New Generation Notebooks A5
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Item #: BWNG -

The ultimate, all-purpose travel notebooks. The A5 (5.75"x8.25") hand-bound book has a grey linen spine with a pen/pencil loop, a sturdy, colorful cover with black edging, a storage envelope attached to the inside, back cover and a grey elastic strap to keep it closed for storage. The corners of the New Generation are rounded which prevents the corner from becoming "dog-eared" over time. The 96 sheets inside are a made for writing or sketching. They are cream, with a slight "laid" finish and a...

Black Sketch + Notebooks A5
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Item #: BWS48BLB004 -

A black hardboard, hand-bound A5 (5.75"x8.25") book with 96 black pages. Notched with an integral elastic to close safely for travel and a pen/pencil loop on the linen spine. A large black envelope is built into the inside, back cover for receipts, etc. Made in Germany.

Clipper Sketch Paper Refills
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A package of 25 fine white sketch blank sheets for your refillable Clipper Sketch pads. In A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

Clipper Writing Paper Refills
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Item #: BW40_REF -

A package of 25 fine cream writing/sketch blank sheets for your refillable Clipper Writing pads. In A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

Bauhaus Purist Grey Notebooks A5
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Item #: BWD13G89 -

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, Bindewerk has created a limited edition series of notebooks with linen spines commemorating the iconic primary colors of the movement. The A5 (5.75"x8.25") notebooks, which include a wide black elastic on the spine for a writing instrument and another round elastic for closure, are filled with 144 sheets of lightly dotted pages.

Olivia Notebooks
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The Olivia books feature cover designs inspired by "old" Europe. They remind us of the end papers one might find in a treasured, old book. Olivia features black linen spines, rounded corners, edged in black (no bent corners!), an elastic loop for pen or pencil and a black elastic strap for safe storage. Filled with 96 sheets (192 pages) of fine, Italian-made, cream paper that is lightly micro dotted in grey to keep your writing straight.

Illustrator Notebooks
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Item #: BWILD -

A rugged, practical hard cover book, handmade, with rounded corners, black linen spine, len loop, strap and a "receipt" envelope built into the back, inside cover. 96, lighted grey dotted pages-ideal for writing or drawing.

Scribbles Sketch Pads
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Item #: BWPD -

These sturdy, black note pads are available square 3.5x5.5" . An integral elastic closure in black or in a contrasting color, keeps the books securely closed while traveling. Filled with 48 sheets of high quality, white sketch paper. The square book includes an elastic on the spine for a pencil or pen. Also available are the sketch books in 5.1x5.1".Made in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Inspiration Sketchbooks
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Item #: BWIN -

96(192p), heavyweight (160g), micro-perforated white drawing sheets are bound in a sturdy black, textured cover. The pad covers feature an elastic closure that is integrated into the cover to protect the sheets from damage when traveling. A5 (5.75"x8.25"), portrait or landscape sizes and A4 (8.25"x11.75") portrait. Hand-bound in Germany. Imported by OrangeArt.