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Basic Black Metal Edge Notebooks, Ledger
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Item #: BWBLKMET -

These handsome, black board covered books are rounded with metal edges and filled with 240 sheets of 90g, cream paper, lined, blank or dotted. The spines are wrapped in black linen and the wide, black elastic lies flat to close the book for storage. Inside the back cover is a useful pocket, for receipts, tickets, etc. A wonderful, 9.4x11" hardbound "ledger" is also available, with "typewriter" font numbered pages! Made in Germany. Imported by OrangeArt.

Basic Black Metal Edge Photo Albums
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Available as hardcover made from black cellulose board with a black linen spine; the albums come with a rugged metal rim, hand-bound, 20 heavy natural cream or black pages that have been lightly scored for easy turning. In two sizes and refills are available with a post extension, sold separately.

Linen Flex-Cover Notebooks
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Item #: BWLNF -

These beautiful, hand-bound books have been designed with flexible, linen covers and rounded corners for those who write on the go- allowing for quick storage while traveling without concern for bent corners and broken binding. They are hand-bound to open flat for comfortable writing, and are filled 192 pages (96 sheets) of fine cream paper from Italy in your choice of blank, lined or lightly dotted pages. An excellent choice as a bullet journal. Made in Germany.

Linen Address Books
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Item #: BWLNADBK -

These beautiful, hand-bound address books from Bindewerk are designed to organize your contacts. Universal icons for email, telephone, mobile phone, etc. printed in light grey on fine cream paper. The 4.75x6.7" address book is bound in fine linen book cloth in many colors. The address books coordinate with matching linen albums and journals. Hand-bound in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Linen Leporellos Photo Albums
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Leporellos Linen Accordion Albums are made for landscape or portrait photographs. The hard covers are made of vivid colors of linen book cloth. Inside, are 6 sheets (12 total, front + back) natural cream pages per Leporello. These simple but beautiful accordion books lie flat when folded. A great gift item. Made in Germany.

Linen Sewn Photo Albums
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Item #: BWLN06SEWN -

These skillfully sewn, permanently bound, linen-wrapped albums have 30, dense, cream pages. Each page has been reinforced at the binding and "interleaved" with translucent paper to protect photographs. In four sizes and nine colors. Handmade in Germany.

Linen Post Photo Albums
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Item #: BWLN06POST -

These beautiful, hand-bound, linen-wrapped post albums have 20, heavy, natural cream pages that have been lightly scored for easy turning. In two sizes and nine linen colors. Refills are available with a post extension, sold separately.

Linen Post Photo Album Refill Pages 10pk
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10, natural white refill sheet pack (20 pages) for the Bindewerk post albums. An extension post is included in the package.

Top Secret Journals
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A safe place to keep both little secrets and big ideas - for these 6x6" blank thread stitched journals with classic sturdy linen covers and matching marker ribbons come with a lock! Available in our bright and cheerful special palette just for these journals with 144 pages.

Felt Duet Notebooks
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Item #: BWFDNB -

Thread stitched soft covers made from colorful wool felt with a contrasting elastic strap, keeps the books securely closed while traveling. Available in 2 sizes with 144 pages. Made in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Illustrator Notebooks
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Item #: BWILNB -

A rugged, practical hard cover book, handmade, with rounded corners, black linen spine, len loop, strap and a "receipt" envelope built into the back, inside cover. 96, lighted grey dotted pages-ideal for writing or drawing.

Clipper Writing Note Pads
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Item #: BW4_Clipper -

Flexible but tough cellulose paper covered pads with 50, removable sheets of lovely cream writing paper bound with stainless steel "Bindewerk" metal clips! In 3 sizes from a 4x5.75" memo, to a 6x8" and 8.25x11.5" pad for writing. Refill packages of 25 sheets are available in all three sizes, sold separately. Made in Germany and imported by OrangeArt.