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Purist Wood Books
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Item #: BWPW -

Everyone who has seen these notebook/journal, picks one up and runs their hand down the cover to see if it is "real"! It is. The book is bound with black linen on the spine and cherry or walnut veneer on the cover, grain long. It is filled with rich, cream paper, lightly lined or blank. A round elastic is "nooked" into the cover, keeping the book closed. There is a paper storage envelope attached to the back cover. This notebook is one to treasure or give as a beautiful gift.

Henriette A5 Flex-Cover Books
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Item #: BWH -

The cheerful, A5, "Henriette" books have been hand-bound by Bindewerk with sturdy, yet flexible, covers that are made to travel well. Inside, are 96 blank or lined pages of fine cream writing paper. The book is finished with a grey, "place-holding" ribbon. In three patterns.

New Generation Notebooks
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Item #: BWNGD15489 -

The ultimate, all-purpose travel notebook. The A5 hand-bound book has a grey linen spine with a pen/pencil loop, a sturdy, colorful cover with black edging, a storage envelope attached to the inside, back cover and a grey elastic strap to keep it closed for storage. The corners of the New Generation are rounded which prevents the corner from becoming "dog-eared" over time. The 96 sheets inside are a made for writing or sketching. They are cream, with a slight "laid" finish and a very lightly...

Traditional Linen A5 Notebooks
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Item #: BWL0 -

While this is a simple notebook, covered with linen book-cloth, it is handmade, bound beautifully, and filled with 144 sheets of fine quality cream writing paper. Available blank or lined. Made in Germany. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Inspiration Sketchbooks
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Item #: BWIN -

96(192p), heavyweight (160g), micro-perforated white drawing sheets are bound in a sturdy black, textured cover. The pad covers feature a red elastic closure that is integrated into the cover to protect the sheets from damage when traveling. A5, portrait or landscape sizes. Hand-bound in Germany. Imported by OrangeArt.

Linen Sewn Albums
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Item #: BWAL06S -

These skillfully sewn, permanently bound, linen-wrapped albums have 30, dense, cream pages. Each page has been reinforced at the binding and "interleaved" with translucent paper to protect photographs. In four sizes and nine colors. Handmade in Germany.

Linen Post Albums
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Item #: BWAL06 -

These beautiful, hand-bound, linen-wrapped post albums have 20, heavy, natural white pages that have been lightly scored for easy turning. In two sizes and nine linen colors. Refills are available with a post extension.

Post Album Refill Pages 10pk
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Item #: BWALR -

10, natural white refill sheet pack (20 pages) for the Bindewerk post albums. An extension post is included in the package.

True Color Post Albums
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Item #: BWAL0 -

These sturdy, post-bound, refillable albums are designed in simple color-block combinations. They are filled with natural white pages (black/grey albums are available with cream or black pages). In two sizes: 9.4x6.9" or 12.6x8.85". Handmade in Germany, imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Leporellos Linen Accordion Photo Book
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Item #: BWAL -

Leporellos Linen Accordion Albums are made for 4' x 6" landscape or portrait photographs. The hard covers are made of 11 vivid colors of linen book cloth. Inside, are 6 sheets (12 total, front + back) natural white pages per Leporello. These simple but beautiful accordion books lie flat when folded. A great gift item. Made in Germany.

Two-sided Coasters
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Item #: BWCOS06 -

10, thick, 4.5" round paper coasters per package. Each coaster features a 2 designs: front and back. Available in two color families: Suzette (bright pastels) or Marlies (reds, blues) and . Made in Germany, imported by OrangeArt.