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Triangular Wooden Rulers
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Item #: OARULER -

This 6" lightweight wooden triangle, printed on either angle with inches and centimeters, is all you really need on your desk. Easily stored with pens and pencils but small enough to stay flat on your desk. This useful little tool allows you to visually translate inches to centimeters, immediately. Maple with black or black with white.

Ecru Desk Notes
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Item #: OALDECRU -

We printed subtle, light orange lines on 150, 4" x 5.75" recycled, ecru notes. They are stored in a simple linen and kraft box, notched for quick access. Made by OrangeArt in New England. Our ecru Desk Notes are an important accessory to our Modern Blotter!

Ecru Desk Notes Refill
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We printed subtle, light orange lines and a "bracket" to set your agenda on 150, 4" x 5.75" recycled, ecru notes. This stack of 150 will keep your box full for your next inspiration. Made by OrangeArt in New England.

Modern Linen & Ecru Blotter
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Our "modern" blotter is a flexible 14" x 20" size. The blotter is simple: natural linen corners for tucking in notes, etc., and beautiful, soft, cotton ecru "blotter" paper. A great spot to organize your writing and laptop. Made in New England by OrangeArt.

Handsome Index Notes Handsome, index cards, notes, cards
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Item #: OAHS -

"Handsome is as handsome does"! We were tired of wimpy index cards so we designed our index cards like a fine tailored jacket. Cotton index cards are printed: white with black lines and red "header" line (Tuxedo), blue with navy and green "header"(Blazer) and grey with blue lines and orange "header (Flannel). The 40, 4.25" x 5.5" cards are stored in an equally "handsome" hand-wrapped paper box with 20 envelopes.