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Writing Tools & Accessories

Calligraphy Pen Set Carded
Availability: In Stock
Staedtler Markers, Pencils, Pens Item #: STD899S2BK -

A simple and affordable calligraphy set. One calligraphy pen, 2 nibs and 4 black cartridges on a hang card.

OArt Letterpress Printed Bookmark
Availability: In Stock
OrangeArt Stationery Item #: OABMECRU2 -

Record and review your latest "reads" on our 100% cotton, 2 sided, letterpress printed bookmark. The "felted" paper texture holds your place. 2 per package.

Polychromos White Pencils
Availability: In Stock
Faber-Castell Pencils, Pens Item #: FC110101 -

A smooth-flowing white pigmented pencil for sketching. A perfect complement to the Bindewerk Black Book. Smudge-proof, acid-free and lightfast. 6 per box.

Triangular Wooden Rulers
Availability: In Stock
OrangeArt Stationery Item #: OARULER -

This 6" lightweight wooden triangle, printed on either angle with inches and centimeters, is all you really need on your desk. Easily stored with pens and pencils but small enough to stay flat on your desk. This useful little tool allows you to visually translate inches to centimeters, immediately. Maple with black or black with white.

Worther 4.25"/5.6mm Profil Pencils
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL67 -

This is a remarkable writing instrument. The 4.25" striated, aluminum clutch pencil holds an extra thick, 5.6mm lead. The lead retracts by engaging the top button. Expressive and impressive! A natural aluminum sharpener and "holder" is also available. Boxed in a foil- stamped black box. Made in Germany.

Complete Calligraphy Box
Availability: In Stock
Staedtler Markers, Pencils, Pens Item #: STD899SM5 -

4 pens, 5 nibs, 20 ink cartridges in a variety of colors, a practice pad, convertor and instruction book are all included in a handsome gold tin box. Everything is here for the new calligrapher. A wonderful gift.

Recife Roller Ball Pens
Availability: In Stock
Recife Pens Item #: REC101008 -

The modern Scribe pens from Recife, France, are made of proprietary resins from a renewable resource, The colors and shape are simple and “modern”, yet they have a particularly weighty, balanced feel as a result of the solid brass interior. When you are ready to write you “pop-off” the round tip-protector and snap it on the back of the pen with a satisfying “click”. The ceramic roller-ball produces a controlled black ink flow as responsive as a fine art drawing instrument. Long-lasting refills...

Recife Shakiin 4.1" Rollerball Pens
Availability: In Stock
Recife Pens Item #: REC171010 -

The 4.1" "Shakin" pen will become your favorite traveling companion. These beautiful resin and stainless roller ball pens have been designed to quickly release or retract the black ink roller ball with a simple "shake" of the pen. Available in a beautiful gift box. Made in Paris, guaranteed by Recife.

Studio Fountain and Ballpoint Pens
Availability: In Stock
Platignum Pens Item #: SNPLSTUDIO -

The Studio ballpoint and fountain pens are fun and functional. These colorful aluminum pens are designed ergonomically for a comfortable, stable writing experience. The ballpoint version opens with a twist which is practical for storage and travel. The fountain pen has a "click on" cap and a soft touch grip. Each pen is packaged in an attractive gift box with a blue and black refill.

Winsor & Newton Pocket Watercolor Set Winsor & Newton, Cotman, Watercolor Set, travel
Availability: In Stock
Winsor & Newton Watercolor Item #: WN0390-640 -

Inside this little box is a creative adventure! 12 watercolor pans, a palette, and a collapsible brush are all the tools you need to sketch in watercolor while you travel. Combine this with the Cotman watercolor postcard or a Handbook linen watercolor book and you have a special gift for the creative traveler.

Recife Leather Pen Sheaths
Availability: In Stock
Recife Pens Item #: REC3009 -

These very soft, leather pen sheaths from Recife are beautifully stitched and embossed with the Recife logo. The sheaths are particularly suited for the Recife roller ball. Made in France.

Recife Marble Rollerball Pens
Availability: In Stock
Recife Pens Item #: REC0110080 -

The same, beautiful, functional rollerball design as the classic colorful "Scribe Riviera" rollerball pens but with a three dimesional marbled finish. The pens are made in France of proprietary, recycled resins. The interior is solid brass. Black, medium-fine ink.