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Winsor & Newton Pocket Watercolor Set Winsor & Newton, Cotman, Watercolor Set, travel
Availability: In Stock
Winsor & Newton Watercolor Item #: WN0390-640 -

Inside this little box is a wonderful adventure! 12 watercolor pans, a palette, and a collapsible brush are all the tools you need to sketch in watercolor while you travel. Combine this with the Cotman watercolor postcard and you have a unique gift for the creative traveler.

Wörther Shorty Color Clutch Pencil
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL -

"Shorty" is a 4.25" long clutch pencil with a hexagonal barrel, engineered to for a solid, ergonomic grip. Inside the barrel is a thick 3.15mm/7B lead that retracts with a click of the clip. Two extra leads are are included in the package. Perfect for travel and a creative gift that anyone would enjoy. At 22" high, corrugated, pre-packed counter display is available.

Black A5 Book
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BWS48BLB004 -

A black hardboard, hand-bound A5 book with 96 black pages. Notched with an integral elastic to close safely for travel and a pen/pencil loop on the linen spine. A large black envelope is built into the inside, back cover for receipts, etc. Combine with Faber-Castell white pencils or Uni-ball, Faber-Castell pens for ultimate drama! Made in Germany.

Contemporary Notebooks
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BWCONT -

This hand-bound, hard-bound "Contemporary" Bindewerk book features linen spines in a sophisticated color palette.The black board book has rounded corners, a notched strap to keep the book closed for travel or to be used a "page-holder". An elastic pen loop, sewn on the spine, keeps your favorite writing instrument handy and inside the back cover, is a sturdy black envelope to keep receipts, ticket and notes nearby. 96, 120g, natural white pages either lightly micro dotted in grey or lined....

Polychromos White Pencils
Availability: In Stock
Faber-Castell Pencils, Pens Item #: FC110101 -

An artist grade Faber-Castell pencil with an oil based white pigment that flows across paper smoothly and responsively. The smudge-proof and acid free white pigment is light-fast. The white and gold barrel is handsome! Perfect for illustrating in a Bindewerk black book or on colored papers such as Original Crown Mill Color Vellum. Six pencils per box. Made in Germany.

Recife Shakiin 4.1" Rollerball Pens
Availability: In Stock
Recife Pens Item #: REC171010 -

The 4.1" "Shakin" pen will become your favorite traveling companion. These beautiful resin and stainless roller ball pens have been designed to quickly release or retract the black ink roller ball with a simple "shake" of the pen. Available in a beautiful gift box. Made in Paris, guaranteed by Recife.

Illustrator Notebooks
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BWILD -

A rugged, practical hard cover book, handmade, with rounded corners, black linen spine, len loop, strap and a "receipt" envelope built into the back, inside cover. 96, lighted grey dotted pages-ideal for writing or drawing.

Linen Flex Cover Travel Books
Availability: In Stock
Bindewerk Books, Albums Item #: BWLF -

These beautiful, hand-bound books have flexible, linen covers with rounded edges. This unique binding allows for quick storage while traveling without concern for bent corners and broken binding. The books are filled 192 pages (96 sheets) with fine cream paper from Italy in your choice of blank, lined or lightly dotted pages.

Wörther Shorty 3000 Clutch Pencil
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL18 -

The Shorty 3000 is 4.25" long. It features a wood veneer body in beech, walnut or pear. The clutch pencil contains a thick, 3mm/7B graphite lead which is retractable with a click of the clip. New! The Shorty 3000 clutch pencil is now packaged in a clear box with a tube of graphite refills.

Wörther Shorty Aluminum Clutch Pencil & Pen
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WOR -

The minimalist, natural aluminum "Shorty" pencil and pen are 4.25" long. The clutch pencil has a thick, 3.15mm/7B lead, the pen is a blue ink ballpoint. Sold in a presentation box as a set or individually. Refills are available.

Wörther Wood Hexagonal Clutch Pencil
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL35 -

A solid wood pencil in the "classic" hexagonal shape of the other Wörther Baden-Baden "Shorty" clutch pencils (4.25" long) Inside is a thick, 3.15mm/7B leads. Boxed in a beautiful black and silver foil box. Imported exclusively by OrangeArt.

Wörther Wood Rounded Clutch Pencil
Availability: In Stock
Wörther Baden-Baden Pencils, Pens Item #: WORPCL36 -

The simple, rounded profile of this solid wood pencil is a pleasure to see and to use. A wood "button" on the top of the pencil releases the 3.15/7B thick lead. Packaged in a black, foil-stamped presentation box. Made in Baden-Baden, Germany. Imported by OrangeArt.