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Miniature Books - Incomplete Cat Names - BRM3
Miniature Books - Incomplete Cat Names - BRM3

Miniature Books - Incomplete Cat Names

Item #: BRM3
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    A hand-made little book, printed letterpress with original end papers and cover designs. Quotes "Gathered from History, Literature, the Local Vet and the Alley". Additional cat names are added to newly printed editions! Made in New England.
    3.25" x 4.5" Laid book paper by Mohawk with wind power.
    Nearly 20 years ago, we asked Darrell & Elisabeth Hyder of Sun Hill Press if they would undertake the printing of a little letterpress book of quotes by the title, “Cheerful Thoughts”. They did so very much more than that!  Erudite editors, artists and printers extraordinaire, Darrell and Elisabeth gathered wonderful quotes, printed the books in beautiful type and embellished the little pages with charming type ornament. Elisabeth designed an original, “cheerful” yellow and orange book cover. The rest is history. Naturally, everyone loved “Cheerful Thoughts” and asked for more. Over the years new titles ideas were dreamed up by this little committee of friends, often with mouths full of hot coffee and muffins. OrangeArt Miniature Books are now a full library enjoyed by all who appreciate their artistry, light-heartedness and wisdom.
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