Brookfield Gift Boxes

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    red diamond blue daisy orange compass indigo blossom village trees
    eastern bridges lilac spray unity friends stepping stones
    spring splat gingko solaris terra lichen

    A beautiful, hand-wrapped, letterpress-printed paper box filled with a suite of our Brookfield Letterpress stationery: square notes, folded notes and correspondence. We engineered integral storage within the box for pens & stamps,paper clips, etc. The Brookfield Letterpress Gift Box is "Art You Can Use"-a visual delight on your desk, your bookshelf or on your bureau filled with scarves and jewelry long after the paper is gone...
    The hand-wrapped letterpress paper box is 10.25" x 16" x 2"d Contains: 150+, square notes 8, folded cards & 8 envelopes 15, writing sheets & 10 envelopes pen well stamp storage

    The original icon was designed by Elisabeth Hyder as a rubber stamp. Once colors were chosen, her husband Darrell, of Sun Hill Press, created a letterpress plate and printed full sheets one color at a time, skillfully maintaining the "stampish" quality of Elisabeth's original design. OrangeArt converted the sheets into useful stationery products for all to enjoy. Made entirely in New England (including the paper!).